Travels in Korea

One with nature at Korea National Arboretum and Forest Museum (Gwangneung Forest/국립수목원)

Autumn (my fave season) is slowly making its way and I am so relieved. Summer this year has been just painful and uncomfortable. It seems get worse each year😣. Anyway, we chanced upon this place when we were exploring around Pocheon. Since it has gotten cooler, we decided to visit this place for some fresh… Continue reading One with nature at Korea National Arboretum and Forest Museum (Gwangneung Forest/국립수목원)


IHK2018~Flower Power🌸

Such a late post but better late than never! Goyang Flower Festival or The International Horticulture (Goyang) Korea Festival is a yearly extravaganza every springtime. Different flowers and structures are being put up just apt for the bloom season. The weather was perfect when we went (the festival was from April 27 to May 13th).… Continue reading IHK2018~Flower Power🌸


“Sausage” fest at Deulmusae 들무새

First off...this is a NSFW kind of thing. Other than that, read on♡ Korea is notorious for its cafes and restaurants-anywhere you turn, there is a cafe or eating place is in sight. Due to stiff competition, cafe owners must be creative enough to be unique and interesting. I live in Pocheon for 4 months… Continue reading “Sausage” fest at Deulmusae 들무새


Pinwheels, breeze and North Korea?

Oh my! It has been a year since I last posted in here. Yikes! My apologies and gratitude to those who still took time to visit my page. 😍 Spring 2018 is here after what seems to be a long cold cold winter Anyhoo, after suffering from 2 weeks of flu and what seems to… Continue reading Pinwheels, breeze and North Korea?


Lotte World Date♡

Hey loves! Sorry for being so quiet lately. Moved to another city and just happened, and will keep on happening. I have recently started a Facebook page-Via in Kimchilandia-which I update more often. But I will try my best to keep up with my posts on this page.😄 Went to Lotte World about 2… Continue reading Lotte World Date♡


How I was able to come to Korea-and live here~ Korean Spouse Visa journey

Let me start off with some disclaimers: Everything is based on my/our experience towards the application and acquiring the visa The requirements are based on what the Korean embassy have set; not sure if the requirements are the same for every foreign spouses of Koreans SO let's begin... First off, let me warn you that… Continue reading How I was able to come to Korea-and live here~ Korean Spouse Visa journey


Spring in Korea~

I remembered one  certain question the interviewer at the Korean embassy asked me: What is your favorite season? and I answered-Autumn. He then said that his is Spring and that many Koreans always look forward to this season... and today, I understood why.   The view and flora just took my breath away~this surrounding beauty just… Continue reading Spring in Korea~